• I have one document to be translated.

Sign in and then log in with the credentials. In the user panel, you will see a link to order the service. There is a form to send a text document or image. The payment information will be displayed, pay the fee as soon as possible. Do not forget the identification code.


  • What should I pay attention?

Before sending any file, please pay attention to:

The accuracy of the document - spelling and grammar errors, the accuracy of the data.

Make sure that you really need a translation. Do not waste money.

Review the pricelist on the website and read the terms of payment.


  • When will my document be translated?

Usually within 24 hours. If you need sooner, you can order premium express work.


  • When will I receive my translation?

Only after receiving payment on my accunt. Exceptionally screenshot (make a picture) the bill or payment in internet banking and send it to me by email. Be sure to include a identification code. You can receive translation immediately, if you use the credit system. Translations will be send via email, post and/or you can always download here from the site.


  • How does the credit system work?

Pre-pay a certain amount, this amount will appear on your account as a credit. Be sure to include your user ID as identification code when purchasing (can be found in your profile).  You can pay translations with credits, credits will automatically be deducted.


If you have other questions, please contact me.